About LPA

LPA was launched October 9, 2013 by a special committee of the Latino Chamber of Commerce Board. At its inception, the LPA had 55 members. At the end of 2016 our membership exceeded 200 individuals. Through its mission, the LPA engages in collaborative programming to increase access, seize opportunities and solve complex social problems. The Latino Professionals Association recognizes that the impact of the Latino community in every sector of the economy can be summarized in one word: Growth.

The Latino Professionals Association designed the LPA Excel building capacity model. The model focuses on four key areas to inspire, develop and empower Latino professionals. These four areas are Leadership Development, Career Growth, Civic and Public Engagement and Personal Enrichment.


To cultivate a community that inspires, develops and empowers Latino professionals to pursue success.


To recognize and enhance the lives of Latino professionals through leadership development, professional growth, civic and public engagement and personal enrichment.



We trust one another’s abilities and intentions to deliver on commitments made. We provide feedback to build our trust and hold one another accountable.


We value dedication to the advancement of our mission and vision by supporting our programming.


We welcome and appreciate our members and non-members for who they are and recognize that our collective diversity enriches our overall experience.


We value moral character and expect our interactions with one another and the community to reflect honesty and respect.

Executive Team